Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pictured here: Back pair of  Magic Shoes he just received and the front ones were his very first pair!
Wow he is getting big

So I thought I would start today with going back about 3 .5yrs to the birth of our precious lil man. As I already explained nobody could help us answer our questions so we filled out an application to be seen at Shriners hospital, within the day we had an appointment to go to Spokane and have him looked at by the doctor there! 
July 23,2008 is a day I will remember for the rest of my, we loaded up in our car and headed for Spokane. We were all very nervous for what we had ahead of us! So 3hrs later here we are when we pull up to the hospital it is so beautiful, in all of our trips to Spokane we had never seen the hospital. It is not what I had imagined. It is bright and clean friendly and very welcoming! I think we felt right at home as soon as we walked in. 
We checked in and waited, we only had to wait about 15min and we were in the room where the doctor would be examining our lil man. I know I was so nervous I thought I would be sick. When I was in the waiting room all I could think of was, are they going to tell me it was something I did when I was pregnant. I did everything I normally would do, I didnt let being preganant slow me down. Did I lift too much, use the wrong clenaing products, did I gain too much, did I did I did I? Drove my self crazy. I felt so out of control, I wondered  how many surgeries he would have to have. How much pain our tiny lil baby would have to endure, would he walk, climb, run, jump? Would he be picked on by other kids for being born different? Kids can be sooo mean. Will he blame me? Does my family think I did something to cause this? Thank goodness the nurse called us in or I might of had a break down.
So here we sit and wait in our examining room, we were in there maybe 5minutes when a nurse came in and weighed and measured him, she was awesome her name was Cheryl, we loved her. Then about 4 more people came into our room, there was Dr. Thompkins, another nurse, our care co-ordiantor, and someone else I cant remember. They introduced themselves like usual and tell us what is wrong with his feet. Can you believe they told us there would be NO surgeries, Oh my gosh just typing that right now I am crying. We couldnt believe it, they told us that they will push his feet to a better more normal position and then hold it and someone else will wrap it with casting material. When the cast dries and holds his foot in place the tendons will naturally stretch to a more normal position. This process will take time we will ahve to come over once a week for 8weeks for new casts. You see babies tendons and bones are so much softer right now that they can be manipulated into a better position. This was such an amazing relief for us. NOOO Surgery, you cant even imagine how we felt after that. So after a brief explanation of what to expect over the  next 18yrs, they whisked us off to the casting room where they put our lil man into his first set of casts they were so little. He was uncomfortable we felt pretty bad for him. After our appointment our next adventure was learning how to live with these casts, our first bump was his car seat. He was still in the cradle type car seat with the base it locked into, well with casts that dont bend that seat was not going to work anymore. It was too deep so it piched his legs at the groin. We adjusted it the best we could until we could get home and get a new seat. You see since our first visit to Shriners we have had to get pretty creative about some things around our house. Bathtime was tricky, changing his diaper was to say the least tricky, we tried very ahrd to keep his casts  dry and clean however when a baby has the new baby dirty diapers they dont always stay in the diaper so there was a few sets of  casts that had a bit of  you know what on them. Lol The doctors said that was absolutely normal, geez I sure hope so that would be embarassing. 
Through all of this lil man has been strong and very determined, his big brother has been awesome very devoted to making sure his baby brother is happy and comfortable. Bubba would read to him, play with him on the floor anything to make lil man happy!
I could really go on and on and on about our visit to Shriners and how they made all of our worries basically diappear. They told us our lil baby will walk and run and jump and play as if he was born with normal feet. Oh my gosh I cried and cried and cried I was absolutely elated. It was not going to be a quick or easy process but we were ALL ready to take it head on! So the journey really started on that day!
These are the Ponseti Shoes that he has been wearing since about 12weeks old.
His first pair he had to wear all day everyday, all pairs after that he has had to wear every night all night long to keep his feet stretched.

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