Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More thoughts.........

I would like to share these pictures with you, these are little mans feet, the other day when I was doing his massage therapy on them I noticed that on each foot he has prominent crosses! A sign or symbol? I am not sure what I think or feel about this. In some way I feel that it is our little sign telling us that he is there for us and we will be fine! I am not a really religous person, I do believe in God,however in some sense I am not exactly sure why? I have had times that I am mad at him because of things we have been through and why, like the death of my dad and grandpa, and having to go through other trials in our lives such as lil mans feet and all that has put us through, but there are many more times I find myself  Thanking him for all the little things and big things he has blessed us with.         
I love these little feet I remember when he was a newborn we would sit on the couch and I would massage and stretch his feet he would cry and cry and then I would cry and cry, we were quite the pair. Now when I look back at what we have been through since he was born I feel like God was trying to tell us something, he was trying to teach us something at the time. I sit and wonder what the teaching was suppose to be. I feel that he wanted us to stop taking things for granted, stop making choices that we would regret later. We didn't really make sure that as a couple we were strong together, we thought we were but early on in his treatment we realized unfortunately a little late that we were not a strong couple. We had to stumble as a couple and learn how to start building a stronger realtionship, if we didnt we wouldnt be a whole family, we would still be together to help lil man through this but if we didnt fix ourselves we wouldn't be a couple any longer. It has been a long road of lessons and bettering ourselves to still be here as a whole family pushing through and I believe we are a stronger and better family now. I remember the quote what doesnt kill you makes you stronger, boy is that ever the truth!

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