Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 1 of my new Blog

I am not sure who will even read this blog, I hope my family at least. However I am really and truly hoping that through friends and family their will be at least one person that might be starting this path we have already been on for 3.5 yrs. that will read this and take away either information or inspiration and strength that they too can get through this and be stronger for it.
     We started our adventure taking care of and having treatment for a child with Bilateral clubfeet. Bilateral clubfeet means that both of his feet were effected by this birth defect. Our little guy was born 3weeks early weighing 8lbs 10oz and 23in long. He was born absolutely perfect!We knew that his feet were not right to say the least but the rest of him was healthy and perfect.  We were very taken back by his feet, the hospital couldnt tell us what to do or what will happen next. We were told that it was clubfeet and to call a orthopedic specialist. I was scared to death and overcome by emotions, fear, hormones, so on and so on. I had an actual breakdown in the hospital, thanks to my husband reassuring me that everything would be fine that we would do everything we could if it meant millions of dollars in surgery or PT thats what we were going to do so that our little boy could walk normal and grow up to be a very active boy. We were determined to help our baby just like most parents would be and since nobody could really help us at the hospital we called a specialist and he came in and evaluated him. He told us right away that we would need to go to Shriners Hospital and have the doctors there evaluate him. So they got us an application we filled it out right away and sent it in. Within the day we were contacted by Shriners and had an appointment for July 23rd 2008.
      I would also like to tell you about our other son, he is 10.5 yrs old now and he is the most loving caring and supportive Big Brother I could of ever imagined for our little guy. From day one he hasn't missed any  appointments even though we have offered for him to stay home with friends and relatives and have a lot more fun than sitting in a hospital room waiting for his brother to be treated  but he wouldn't leave his brothers side, and to this day he hasn't missed one appointment. Bubba(thats what little brother named him) has sat in the room while they were casting little brothers feet and he would talk to him,trying to sooth him by play his music box for him, anything to try to help him to not cry and know that we were there and wouldn't leave him. Bubba would talk softly in his ear and kiss his cheek so sweetly just to let him know how much he loves him and wishes he didnt have to go through this. Bubba  has been there through it all, to this day they are the Best of Friends!!!! Well I have to go for tonight cant keep my eyes open. Please if you know someone that might like to read my blog please share I know there is a reason my family has gone through this and maybe we werent meant to help someone else, maybe just knowing they aren't alone in this. I know I would have loved to have someone to talk to about Club Feet and knowing I wasnt alone would have been wonderful!

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